Industrial Applications

Structural Damage

Our porous nanoparticle material when loaded with sealant is used as an additive to structural[...]

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Cemsica’s porous nanoparticle technology is used as carriers for chemical or optical tracers to detect[...]

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Porous nanoparticles are added to drilling fluids as proppants to keep the induced hydraulic fractures[...]

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New Material Applications

Gas Membrane

We use our porous nanoparticle technology to manufacture membrane modules for gas separation and purification.[...]

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3D Printing

Our porous nanoparticles are used as the building blocks of a semi-ceramic resin for additive[...]

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Aerospace Material

Cemsica’s nanoparticle technology is used as the building blocks to create high performance parts for[...]

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Biomedical Applications

Drug Delivery

Cemsica’s nanoparticle technology is an excellent candidate to be used as carriers in drug delivery[...]

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Bone Tissue

Self-healing nature of Cemsica’s nano-engineered material system plus excellent mechanical strength make it a[...]

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Dental Material

Applications such as¬†dental cementing and bone regeneration present incredible opportunities for Cemsica’s[...]

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