Our Products

Calcium Silicate Porous Nanoparticles

Cemsica’s Calcium Silicate nanoparticles are porous and monodisperse nanoparticles with diameters of a few nanometers up to a few microns. Particle size and pore size can be customized as per customer’s request. Our in-house manufacturing can accommodate orders in large quantities up to tons of nanoparticles and we are continuously adding to our manufacturing capacities.

Your product

We can not only tune the particle size, pore size and material properties of your choice, but also work with you to design the smart nanomaterial system for your specific application. We do everything from modeling, synthesis, lab test, and field test to assure that you are getting a nanomaterial system that works for your application, is economically scalable, and gives your company sustainable competitive advantage by leveraging the latest scientific breakthroughs in nanomaterials.